BucketShop Games

I am an indie game developer in Penrith, Australia.

BucketShop Games released it’s first game title in 2018 called “The Turdler”, a VR title available on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus. “The Turdler” never won a BAFTA for story telling, in fact the best thing about it was the reviews ( bad and good ), it was just a bit of fun.

My second game is currently in development, titled “Nucleodity”, a game set in top down view that plays like a shoot & scoot dungeon crawler without complex inventory management. The story is set in modern era and brings together all of my favorite UFO conspiracies.

Game Titles

The Turdler ( VR for HTC Vive )

Be the turd you always wanted to be as a child with this irreverent, crass VR title. Available for FREE now on Steam.


Nucleodity is BucketShop Games’ second title that is currently under development.